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Diabetic women might develop cancer

diabetes women

If you have diabetes, better watch for signs since its complications can be hard to detect. If you aren’t aware of the warning signs then this could be dangerous. You might now know which complications are you dealing with until

Women who works more might be prone to Diabetes

women overtime work

When you are working, it’s always great to work more hours since it would get you more money and your boss would really appreciate it. Hence, you might become their favorite and promote you in the process. However, working long

Abnormal lipid metabolism among Diabetic women foretell future weight gain

fat women

Study says that the inefficient breakdown of fats in the body might have assaying in the metabolic complications such as diabetes among women.  The research was published on the journal Cell Metabolism on May 31.  Low levels of hormone-stimulated lipolysis

The world should be concerned with the obesity problem


If you are obese and your wife is not, it might be a good idea to bring her to the doctor since according to a study from the Departments of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University

Gestational Diabetes could trigger kidney problem

gestational kidney damage

Study says, gestational diabetes might cause early-stage kidney damage, a precursor to chronic kidney disease. The study was conducted by the National Institutes of Health and other institutions. Gestational diabetes is a problem for pregnant mothers since it is a