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Almonds would be a great choice of snack for Diabetics


When you have type 2 Diabetes, your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin for your body and that could be disaster since your body can’t get rid of the excess sugar in the body. Easily said, without insulin, your body can’t

Diabetics need these foods to lower their blood sugar

diabetic food

Type 2 Diabetics have to watch what they eat since it might spike the blood sugar and that would cause some problem for them. Diabetes type 2 sufferers should eat these three vegetables to help maintain blood sugar levels, it has

Eating walnuts could lower your chance of acquiring Diabetes

walnut consumption

A handful of nuts is really satisfying to eat when you are watching a TV, but is that all to it? Study says you would also benefit from eating it since it lowers the chances of you getting the disease,

This man was changed because of Diabetes

Charl Stander

When Charl Stander got diagnosed with diabetes in he was just a car salesman from Port Elizabeth and he needs to provide to his family. It was too hard to accept and ask them if they could just give him

Type 2 Diabetics could benefit from drinking tea with milk

milk tea

Type 2 Diabetes is one of those diseases that are hard to deal with. You would need to make some changes in your lifestyle. It affects your everyday life to the point that you need to make some changes. The

Type 2 Diabetes can cause excessive sweating

excessive sweating

Type 2 diabetes takes place if the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin for the body. At this stage, the pancreas is already weak and can’t do its function well. One of the symptoms that you might notice is that you

Women who works more might be prone to Diabetes

women overtime work

When you are working, it’s always great to work more hours since it would get you more money and your boss would really appreciate it. Hence, you might become their favorite and promote you in the process. However, working long

Belly fat increases your risk of type 2 Diabetes

belly fat

When you are fat, you are not going to be popular with the girls and that might be reason enough for some to get into shape. Aside from that, your chances of getting diseases are quite big compared to slim

Artificial pancreas is made to help Diabetics

artificial pancreas

The pancreas is an important organ of the body since it is the one that purifies the body from all the impurities. It doesn’t only digested the food, but also produces insulin for the body. Now, you realized how important

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with exercises, study says


Diabetes was once thought incurable, as you would need to deal with it for your entire life. Thanks to studies conducted by doctors, it now considered as curable. To be exact the term is reversible. Recently, a study was conducted