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Your genes can tell if you would develop diabetes


A team of researchers from Queensland Australia found a way to determine the infants who are in danger of developing type 1 diabetes in the future. UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Professor Ranjeny Thomas said the discovery would lead to the

Peers can help you manage diabetes better


Diabetes is a disease that you need to battle alone since you are the only that have it, but new study says that it would be much easier if you join a group that deals with it too. Peers can

Sudden Death can occur among diabetics

sudden death

No, we are not talking about an old movie of Van Damme here.  This is real and it is very serious.  Study says people nearing fifty is in danger of dying because the risk of sudden cardiac death is seven-times

Exercise lower the risk of premature death with type 1 diabetes

woman exercising

Those who are active are less likely to die from premature death because type 1 diabetes.  Usually, the more you exercise the better it would be for you, study suggest. Researchers based the data on the frequency, intensity and duration

In the Future, type 1 diabetics won’t need needles to get their daily dose of insulin

insulin cell implants

Diabetes is a lifelong disease and it is making people’s life harder.  Fortunately, there is a way to lower the blood sugar. One of the best way to lower the blood sugar is through injecting insulin into the body.  But