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Diabetes at 50 might indicate you have pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer

Diabetes is one of those diseases that you don’t want to mess with since it weakens the body, making it more susceptible to other diseases. In other words, it makes it easier for other diseases to infect the body.  Type

Antipsychotics drug heightens the risk of Diabetes for kids


Drugs are made to help treat diseases, but a new study says it has other effects that might be destructive to the user. A recent study has proven this as those who take antipsychotics for as little as 12 weeks

Food insecurity increases risk of type 2 Diabetes

food insecurity

A new study prove that household insecurity is tied with the development of type 2 diabetes.  The study has proven it well and results showed that it has something to do with the capability to buy food. Food insecurity is

Diabetics are in danger of Parkinson’s Disease

parkinsons disease

If you are suffering for diabetes then you need to know right now that you might have Parkinson’s disease as you get older. This has a basis since it is based upon a large study published in the June 13,

Study says Dementia is the result of smoking and Diabetes


Study says that those who like to smoke or have diabetes are more likely to develop brain calcification.  It has something to do with dementia. The study was published at journal Radiology. Dementia is a major health problem that is a

Pre-prenancy program can help type 2 diabetics, who are planning to get pregnant

type 2 diabetes pre-pregnancy

Diabetes is a disease that is feared by many since it can occur in almost all walks of life.  It can occur when you are younger (type 1 diabetes) and when you are older (type 2 diabetes).  Fortunately, there are

Games are being use to develop Diabetes Drug

games research

At some point in our life, we all knew how to have fun since we all experience how it as to be a child. That is the time when we have fun and meet lot of friends. Out friend will

Study says eating meals early determines your Diabetes risk


Study says there is a differences on what time you would eat your food.  This would affect how your body would be able to cut diabetes risk and lower blood pressure.  Experts believe that time restricted diet can reduce your

Diet Soda isn’t safe to drink for Diabetics

diet coke

When artificial sweeteners dot first introduce to the market, most if the diabetics thought that they would be safe if they would drink this since it won’t contribute to their disease.  But, according to some study, including a new one

New Study says, there are actually five types of Diabetes

diabetes new types

For years, doctors told us that there are two types of diabetes and this has been generally accepted.  The two types are type 1 and type 2, and basically, the idea of treating both type is to make sure that