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Playing outside has some benefits to Diabetes


Parents tell their kids to play outside since they know that there are some benefits to this, but most of them doesn’t give an explanation to their kids since they think that they won’t understand anyway. According to a reassert

Include garlic in your dishes to lower blood sugar


Garlic is the usual ingredient that we see on the dishes basically in almost most of the food that we eat. It boost the flavor of the food that it is used with. While garlic is a common ingredient in every kitchen,

Sitting and Diabetes


We all sit and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you sit all the time then you have a problem and you might not be aware of that. New study says, we should be paying attention to how

Body Mass Percentage is important to know risk of Diabetes

body fat percentage

The BMI (Body Mass Index) has long been accepted as a way to measure the healthy weight of a person.  And some people thought that it is also the case with diabetes. However, increasing amounts of studies have been questioning