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Diabetes among Moms can affect baby’s health

gestational diabetes

If you are a woman and is planning to have a baby then beware since there is a danger that by diabetes. Of course, you need to be diabetic for your baby to get diabetes in their blood. The mainstream

Babies are in danger of heart disease if they have gestational diabetes

gestational diabetes

According to Mayo Clinic, Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy (gestation). Like other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes affects how your cells use sugar (glucose).Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar that can affect your pregnancy and your baby’s health. Gestational diabetes may increase the risk of

Gestational Diabetes could trigger kidney problem

gestational kidney damage

Study says, gestational diabetes might cause early-stage kidney damage, a precursor to chronic kidney disease. The study was conducted by the National Institutes of Health and other institutions. Gestational diabetes is a problem for pregnant mothers since it is a