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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with exercises, study says


Diabetes was once thought incurable, as you would need to deal with it for your entire life. Thanks to studies conducted by doctors, it now considered as curable. To be exact the term is reversible. Recently, a study was conducted

Type 2 Diabetics: late breakfast could make you fatter

late breakfast

Type 2 diabetics, who sleeps late at night are likely to become even fatter and it is also the main factor that drive this relationship in eating breakfast later. Conclusion This was the conclusion of a new study now published in the

Exercise lower the risk of premature death with type 1 diabetes

woman exercising

Those who are active are less likely to die from premature death because type 1 diabetes.  Usually, the more you exercise the better it would be for you, study suggest. Researchers based the data on the frequency, intensity and duration

Exercise will Help People with Diabetes

diabetes and exercise

Some people don’t like to exercise at all since it is too hard to fit it to their schedule and they’re right about it. However, exercising has lots of benefits for out body and if we can only fit it