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New study reveals that weight loss can cure diabetes

fat to thin

If you have type 2 Diabetes then your pancreas gets damaged therefore, it don’t have the capability to produce enough insulin for the body. Insulin is the hormone that regulate the blood sugar level. A few years ago, it was

A recipe to regulate blood sugar


Diabetics can’t eat whatever they want since they need to make sure that their blood sugar is well regulated most of the time. If they can’t do that they there would be some complications like hypertension, loss of sight and

Yogurt is ideal for Diabetics


Diabetes is a pain in the ass ad that is something we can agree about. Technically, we won’t feel any pain since that is not how diabetes works. Diabetes makes you weaker and prone to other disease and that is

Eating cucumber could help you lower the blood sugar


Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and if you are not going to control your blood sugar, chances are that you would get more diseases. Experts believe that one way to lower your blood sugar is through eating cucumber. Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetics could benefit from drinking tea with milk

milk tea

Type 2 Diabetes is one of those diseases that are hard to deal with. You would need to make some changes in your lifestyle. It affects your everyday life to the point that you need to make some changes. The

Diet is the key to cure Diabetes

diabetes diet

Most people go on a diet as they want to get in shape. It is common fact that we does and nothing wrong with that. If you want to lose weight then do anything that you need to do. If

A crash course on Diabetic’s menu

diabetes menu

Diabetes is really a troublesome disease as it makes the immune system weaker. When that happened, the body would be vulnerable to almost any kind of diseases. It would make it easier for the disease to infect you since your

Walnuts will helps diabetics to lower their blood sugar


Who says you can’t enjoy your favorite food once you have diabetes. Well, technically, you can’t enjoy them in they happen to be sweets. To tell you the truth that would be a problem for many since they have grown

Diabetes: Include olive oil in your diet

olive oil

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and that is the reason to take care of your body. You need to exercise a change your eating habit. Once, you have it, you need to make sure to keep your blood sugar at

Plant based-diet helps him to control his diabetes

plant based diet

If you are suffering from diabetes, remember that it is not the end of the world. You just need to have a controlled lifestyle and you would be able to live a healthy life.  Eight years ago Eric O’Grey was