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Study says Dementia is the result of smoking and Diabetes


Study says that those who like to smoke or have diabetes are more likely to develop brain calcification.  It has something to do with dementia. The study was published at journal Radiology. Dementia is a major health problem that is a

Diabetes might develop after a patient gets cancer


According to a study published in JAMA Oncology, cancer patients might develop diabetes later on their life.  This does not mean that once you have cancer you would develop diabetes as it is only a risk actor. Diabetes is a

Turn off the light at night to stay away from diabetes

light exposure

Have you ever wondered why your parents always turn out the lights at night? Perhaps that doesn’t’ something to do with health, but they certainly knows that it would be bad for us. At least, that is what they believe

Study says Poor Sleep might result to Bad Eating Habits and Diabetes

bad eating habits

If you like to stay awake late at night then you would crave for more food. According to a new study, night time snacking would heighten the risk of diabetes and obesity. It might not bring any consequences that you

Study says diabetes can be reversed

reverse diabetes

Diabetes is a booming industry and this is due to the fact that it is among the most widespread diseases in the world.  It seems that the number keeps on adding as lots of people don’t know how to stay

Abnormal lipid metabolism among Diabetic women foretell future weight gain

fat women

Study says that the inefficient breakdown of fats in the body might have assaying in the metabolic complications such as diabetes among women.  The research was published on the journal Cell Metabolism on May 31.  Low levels of hormone-stimulated lipolysis

Unburger, a restaurant for Diabetic

vegan restaurant

At some point, you would think of opening up your own business since that is where the big bucks are in.  You need to join the ranking of successful business people to be able to afford your own house. Well

Blood sugar level can tell you if you have Diabetes

know diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body can’t produce enough insulin for the body to use the glucose in the body.  This causes a problem since it can lead to elevated blood sugar, which might cause a lot of complications

The world should be concerned with the obesity problem


If you are obese and your wife is not, it might be a good idea to bring her to the doctor since according to a study from the Departments of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University

Intermittent Fasting raises your risk for Diabetes

intermittent fasting

According to a new study, intermittent fasting is bad since it raises insulin levels that might result to a damage pancreatic cells and an increase the amount of abdominal fat. In case that you are not familiar with that word