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Doctor suggest getting a new pancreas would be better for Diabetics


Diabetes is a chronic condition since it weakens the immune system of the body. It means that you would be prone to a lot of diseases. Apparently, your pancreas isn’t healthy as it used to be years ago. Doctors believed

Study reveals sexual preference involve in Diabetes development


Before, it is believed that Diabetes would affect anyone and if doesn’t choose any kind of sexual preference, But, new study reveals that this has something to do with our sexual preferences. Apparently, youths that belong to the Lesbian, gay,

Diabetes among Moms can affect baby’s health

gestational diabetes

If you are a woman and is planning to have a baby then beware since there is a danger that by diabetes. Of course, you need to be diabetic for your baby to get diabetes in their blood. The mainstream

2 Weeks of inactivity for seniors would trigger Diabetes


Diabetes is known as a lifestyle disease, which means that in order to have it, you need to live unhealthily. Say, you would need to eat unhealthy and not exercise for several years. At least, that is what most experts

This drug aids the first line of defense of our body


In a country, the first line of defense is the soldier and if you are one of them, you need to be strong and dependent. However, in our body, the first line of defense is macrophages. It clear away damaged

2 new studies come up with improve treatment for diabetes


More than ever, it is now easier to distinguished type 1 from type 2. Researchers have come up with this solution to distinguish the two. This new method and a second study revealing gaps in care for women with gestational

New genetic finding could lead to better understanding of diabetes


Diabetes is really a problem and it is making our lives a lot harder to live. This is the reason why we would need to know more about it. That is why, more studies are given to this specific disease.

A healthy lifestyle is what you need to stay away from Diabetes

healthy lifestyle

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and if you are not going to take care of yourself then there is a pretty high chance that you are going to acquire this unforgivable disease. According to the report, our country has the

Nonheterosecual youngsters are in danger of having diabetes


Study says, nonheterosexual adolescents have a greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes compared with heterosexual teens. The said findings were published online July 13 in Pediatric Diabetes by Lauren B. Beach, JD/PhD, a research fellow at Northwestern University’s Institute for Sexual and Gender

Activity can help us to prevent diabetes in our old age

old age

Let’s face it, the older we become, the less active we become, unless you are an athlete, you would be surely wore than motivated to get in shape. However, that is not eh case with most people and they end