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Being a loner increases your chances of acquiring diabetes

social isolation

People, who don’t like to hang out with some else or those who are a loner are more than likely to develop diabetes, a recent study suggests. Loneliness has been the source of many problems that are linked to a

Diabetes is prevalent in the Philippines


Diabetes is one of the most prevalent disease in the world.  Of course, the Philippines is among these countries.  The government is aware of this and thus has increased its tax in sugary drinks as a way to decrease the

Diabetes is a problem for both poor and rich people. Here are some suggestions to control it

diabetes for rich and poor

For many years diabetes was considered to be a disease only for the rich since they are the ones that are often got the disease.  They are the ones that can afford most of the luxury thus, it is considered

Rise of Diabetes among Young Adults are becoming common

type diabetes rising

People suffering from diabetes are getting much younger than before.  According to a report released on Wednesday showed that younger people are now showing up in s hospital in Pennsylvania.  This should not be the case only if they were

2 cans of sugary drink is enough to increase risk of diabetes and heart disease

sugary drink

It might be the best time to go out and treat yourself to healthy drink like milk and fruit juices since the carbonated drink won’t do you any good.  Those drinks are full of sugar and would not contribute to

There is a Third Type of Diabetes and it is making it harder for people to identify the types of diabetes

diabets type

Often, when a person gets diagnose with diabetes, most people would either think that it is either type 1 or type 2. However, nowadays, it is more complicated than that since there is a third type of diabetes and what

Insulin Resistance would be bad for you!

insulin resistance

Man are always looking to better they in any field since it would help them to get a better result ad understanding.  Nothing is done right the first time, so innovation is always good.  As such, insulin resistance is one

Exercise will Help People with Diabetes

diabetes and exercise

Some people don’t like to exercise at all since it is too hard to fit it to their schedule and they’re right about it. However, exercising has lots of benefits for out body and if we can only fit it

Diabetes and pregnancy can’t coexist together

diabetes and pregnancy

Diabetes and pregnancy is not something that coexists together.  It would be bad not only for the mother, but also for the child in her womb as well. “Women with diabetes are more likely to have a healthy pregnancy if

New Device helps people with Diabetes to lose weight


People from all over the world are fighting the battle of the bulges and are losing.  It turns out that it is too hard for a common guy to lose weight because of their lifestyle.  This has given way to