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New study reveals that weight loss can cure diabetes

fat to thin

If you have type 2 Diabetes then your pancreas gets damaged therefore, it don’t have the capability to produce enough insulin for the body. Insulin is the hormone that regulate the blood sugar level. A few years ago, it was

Diabetic drug to cure inflammation


Diabetes is the type of disease that you don’t want to deal with since it makes you weaker. So, if you have a wound, it would take a longer time to heal. Worst, it might not heal at all. According

Study says brain stimulation might be the cure for Diabetes

brain stimulation

Diabetes is troubling since you would easily get another diseases. It would not only make you weaker, but it would make you prone to other disease. This is the reason why we would need to learn more about it. As

Vitamin D might cure Diabetes


Diabetes is really making it hard for people to live since they need to live a healthy lifestyle else, they would suffer from the complications such as blindness, and other diseases.   This is the reason, why we need to further

Vaccine could cure Type 1 Diabetes


For someone, who isn’t infected with any kind of diseases, they don’t need to worry about anything since basically, they could enjoy their life without a care in the world. However, for someone with Diabetes, they need to take care