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A recipe to regulate blood sugar


Diabetics can’t eat whatever they want since they need to make sure that their blood sugar is well regulated most of the time. If they can’t do that they there would be some complications like hypertension, loss of sight and

Diabetic coma is life threatening and you should know about it

diabetic coma

If you have diabetes, you might want to learn more about diabetic coma since it is a life threatening condition that can affect your life. The danger comes from losing your consciousness all of a sudden. It can come from

Type 2 Diabetes can cause excessive sweating

excessive sweating

Type 2 diabetes takes place if the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin for the body. At this stage, the pancreas is already weak and can’t do its function well. One of the symptoms that you might notice is that you

Stress can affect Diabetes


Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was previously known as juvenile diabetes. Only 5% of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. Experts says that if you have this type of diabetes

Include garlic in your dishes to lower blood sugar


Garlic is the usual ingredient that we see on the dishes basically in almost most of the food that we eat. It boost the flavor of the food that it is used with. While garlic is a common ingredient in every kitchen,

Cheeses can prevent high blood sugar


All over the world diabetes is one of the worse dieae as it weakens the immune system, maing you prone to toerh dieseaes such as cancer and the likes. More than thee hundered million people are affected worldwide. It is

Type 2 Diabetics might develop Erectile Dysfunction

type 2 diabetes

All over the world, diabetes is considered one of the most troublesome diseases that affect billions of people. Actually, in the UK alone, there are already 3.7 million people suffering from the disease. The condition is caused by the pancreas

Replace rice with pulses to avoid blood sugar spike among Diabetics


Rice is the staple food in most of the Eastern countries such as the Philippines. In short, we can’t eat a meal without them as that would be incomplete.  However, the problem is that both of which would be bad

Eat red onions and see your blood sugar goes down

red onion

Diabetes is a serious disease and it requires serious medical attention. If you don’t care about your blood sugar better watch it and take care of it since that is where the problem starts.  One of the simplest ways to

Yerba Mate tea can help reduce your blood sugar

yerba mate tea

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the person is already an adult.  The pancreas can only produce little insulin, which won’t be enough for the amount of sugar that most people have. Fortunately, we can control it through diet and lifestyle