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A recipe to regulate blood sugar


Diabetics can’t eat whatever they want since they need to make sure that their blood sugar is well regulated most of the time. If they can’t do that they there would be some complications like hypertension, loss of sight and

Diabetic coma is life threatening and you should know about it

diabetic coma

If you have diabetes, you might want to learn more about diabetic coma since it is a life threatening condition that can affect your life. The danger comes from losing your consciousness all of a sudden. It can come from

Know the symptoms of Diabetes because you might have it

complications of diabetes

Diabetes is prevalent and can affect many people in the world regardless of their status in life. Most of them dies because of complications such as kidney problem, heart attack and many more. This means that once you have diabetes,

A crash course on Diabetic’s menu

diabetes menu

Diabetes is really a troublesome disease as it makes the immune system weaker. When that happened, the body would be vulnerable to almost any kind of diseases. It would make it easier for the disease to infect you since your

Know the risk factors of Diabetic Coma

diabetic coma 2

Diabetic coma is dangerous and could lead to death.  That is the reason, why you should be aware of it and take note of the risk factor involve. You need to know them before it is too late.  An increased

Diabetic Coma and the The three types that you need to know

diabetic coma

Having diabetes is really troublesome since you are endanger of getting other diseases since your immune system is rather weaker than before.  The only way to take care of yourself is through proper maintenance of your disease.  You need to