Do you see a dark patch on your neck?

dark patch on neck

Type 2 Diabetics can’t produce enough insulin. This is a real problem since it means that their blood sugar would really rise high. The body won’t have enough energy since blood sugar are converted into energy by the hormone ‘insulin’.

Diabetes symptoms can include blurred vision, making more toilet trips than usual – particularly at nighttime – and fatigue. A dark patch of skin on the back of the neck could also be a warning sign of the high blood sugar condition, it’s been revealed.

The patch may appear like a piece of dirt, but in reality, could be a sign of insulin resistance, said medical website Health.

“A ring of dark skin at the back of the neck may look like it’s crying out for a good scrubbing,” it said.

“But in reality, it may be acanthosis nigricans, a condition in which the skin appears darker and thicker—even velvety—along body creases.

“People with insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity or, in rare cases, cancer, can develop these dark patches.”

Acanthosis nigricans usually appears in the armpits, neck or groin, added the NHS.

The patches may feel dry and velvety, and some people also have tiny growths on the patches.

“They’re most in skin folds, such as the armpits, neck or groin,” it said.

“The patches often appear gradually without any other symptoms.”

The most common cause of acanthosis nigricans is being very overweight.

But, it could also be caused by type 2 diabetes and stomach cancer, in rarer cases.

Speak to a GP if you have new, dark patches of skin on your body, or if you have any skin that you’re unsure about.