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2 Weeks of inactivity for seniors would trigger Diabetes


Diabetes is known as a lifestyle disease, which means that in order to have it, you need to live unhealthily. Say, you would need to eat unhealthy and not exercise for several years. At least, that is what most experts

This drug aids the first line of defense of our body


In a country, the first line of defense is the soldier and if you are one of them, you need to be strong and dependent. However, in our body, the first line of defense is macrophages. It clear away damaged

Diabetic got harassed on an airplane

diabetics travelling

If you are diabetic, you need to know that do’s and don’ts in your life, otherwise, your life would be complicate because of the disease. This is what happened to a diabetic women, Barbara Rowan: a security screener tried to

2 new studies come up with improve treatment for diabetes


More than ever, it is now easier to distinguished type 1 from type 2. Researchers have come up with this solution to distinguish the two. This new method and a second study revealing gaps in care for women with gestational