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Halle Berry is now free of Diabetes thanks to keto diet

halle berry

Halle Berry is already 51 yet she looks like she is 25. Hard to believe since she got one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. You might not know it, but there was a time that she did suffer

Walnuts will helps diabetics to lower their blood sugar


Who says you can’t enjoy your favorite food once you have diabetes. Well, technically, you can’t enjoy them in they happen to be sweets. To tell you the truth that would be a problem for many since they have grown

Artificial pancreas is made to help Diabetics

artificial pancreas

The pancreas is an important organ of the body since it is the one that purifies the body from all the impurities. It doesn’t only digested the food, but also produces insulin for the body. Now, you realized how important

Diabetes: Include olive oil in your diet

olive oil

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and that is the reason to take care of your body. You need to exercise a change your eating habit. Once, you have it, you need to make sure to keep your blood sugar at

No more insulin injections!


People are different, that is what we need to know. What works for you might not work for others or something like that. Let’s say you don’t mind being pricked with needles all the time, you can’t speak for others

Koala gets treatment for diabetes


At San Diego California, a Koala under captive is diagnosed of type 1 diabetes. On June 1, experts came in to help the poor koala. Experts, representing veterinarians, endocrinologists from Scripps Health, biotechnology professionals from Dexcom and San Diego Zoo

Mom with Diabetes raises chance of autism in child


For a mom, nothing is more important than her child thus to see them suffering from anything would break their heart. They would do anything that they can, in order to ease the pain and would be even wished that

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with exercises, study says


Diabetes was once thought incurable, as you would need to deal with it for your entire life. Thanks to studies conducted by doctors, it now considered as curable. To be exact the term is reversible. Recently, a study was conducted

Can Liraglutide prevent dementia among elderly with type 2 diabetes ?


They say that you are growing old when you tend to forget things in your life. That is dementia for you – it is not a disease, but a term that describes a symptoms of the decline of memory and

Cheeses can prevent high blood sugar


All over the world diabetes is one of the worse dieae as it weakens the immune system, maing you prone to toerh dieseaes such as cancer and the likes. More than thee hundered million people are affected worldwide. It is