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Unburger, a restaurant for Diabetic

vegan restaurant

At some point, you would think of opening up your own business since that is where the big bucks are in.  You need to join the ranking of successful business people to be able to afford your own house. Well

Eating grapes can help you control Diabetes


Diabetes is very dangerous since you could lose your life.  One of the five types of diabetes is type 2 diabetes and it is the result of the pancreas not being able to produce enough insulin for the body.  The

Dads rode for Diabetes

dads diabetes

Parents are truly wonderful as they are willing do anything for their children. They would work hard for the future of their love ones.  They would fight for their children.  When a group of 12 dads found out that their

Study says eating meals early determines your Diabetes risk


Study says there is a differences on what time you would eat your food.  This would affect how your body would be able to cut diabetes risk and lower blood pressure.  Experts believe that time restricted diet can reduce your

Blood sugar level can tell you if you have Diabetes

know diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body can’t produce enough insulin for the body to use the glucose in the body.  This causes a problem since it can lead to elevated blood sugar, which might cause a lot of complications

This spice could reduce your Blood Sugar problem


Express UK reports that there are 3.7 million people in UK. Around 90% of them are suffering from diabetes.  The pancreas enough insulin for the body; bit in this case, it won’t be able to. Do its job. Diabetes symptoms include

This supplement can reverse Diabetes


Diabetes is pain in the ass since it makes life a life more difficult to live as you won’t be enjoying it.   Technically, you can eat whatever you want, but you need to be prepared to pay the price.  It is

The world should be concerned with the obesity problem


If you are obese and your wife is not, it might be a good idea to bring her to the doctor since according to a study from the Departments of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University

Gestational Diabetes could trigger kidney problem

gestational kidney damage

Study says, gestational diabetes might cause early-stage kidney damage, a precursor to chronic kidney disease. The study was conducted by the National Institutes of Health and other institutions. Gestational diabetes is a problem for pregnant mothers since it is a

Intermittent Fasting raises your risk for Diabetes

intermittent fasting

According to a new study, intermittent fasting is bad since it raises insulin levels that might result to a damage pancreatic cells and an increase the amount of abdominal fat. In case that you are not familiar with that word