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Body Mass Percentage is important to know risk of Diabetes

body fat percentage

The BMI (Body Mass Index) has long been accepted as a way to measure the healthy weight of a person.  And some people thought that it is also the case with diabetes. However, increasing amounts of studies have been questioning

Diet Soda isn’t safe to drink for Diabetics

diet coke

When artificial sweeteners dot first introduce to the market, most if the diabetics thought that they would be safe if they would drink this since it won’t contribute to their disease.  But, according to some study, including a new one

French Fries are bad for diabetics

french fries

All over the world, Diabetes has been making the lives of many people a lot harder. The longer you have it, the more prone you are in to many diseases including blindness, kidney problems and many more.  Sometimes, it can

Type 2 Diabetics: late breakfast could make you fatter

late breakfast

Type 2 diabetics, who sleeps late at night are likely to become even fatter and it is also the main factor that drive this relationship in eating breakfast later. Conclusion This was the conclusion of a new study now published in the

Diabetes drugs won’t reduce your mortality rate

diabetes drugs

The threat of diabetes comes when you can’t control it since it would weaken the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to all diseases. Type 2 diabetes wreaks havoc on the body by raising the levels of glucose in the blood, increasing the risk of

New Study says, there are actually five types of Diabetes

diabetes new types

For years, doctors told us that there are two types of diabetes and this has been generally accepted.  The two types are type 1 and type 2, and basically, the idea of treating both type is to make sure that

Study says CGM proven Cost-Effective

continuous glucose monitor device

Tired of pricking your finger over and over again every time you want to test your blood sugar?  Well, you’ll be glad to know that there is a device that can do that. It is called CGM (continuous Glucose Monitor)

Hormone Replacement Therapy is needed to prevent Type 2 Diabetes from developing

hormone replacement therapy

A new study suggest that hormone replacement therapy may be the administer to prevent menopausal women from developing type 2 diabetes. In the study, which was published in the April 2018 issue of JCI Insight, researchers observed that in mice, administering HRT with

Diabetes is possible among cats too

diabetic cats

Diabetes is the disease wherein the pancreas can’t create insulin anymore.  The pancreas can be found near the stomach area.  It got two major role for the body; the first one is to produce enzymes in digestion and the other

Study says Genes among women makes them more at risk with Diabetes


According to a study that got published on Nature Genetics regarding the effects of the gene called KLF14.   It is stored in the body fat of the people. It is stored in hips and linked to lower risk of diabetes.