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New Blood Sugar Testing Device got approve by FDA

g6 system

In the future, diabetics don’t need to prick their finger just to test their blood sugar level.  Dexcom just won the regulatory approval of their device.  The said device (G6 system) doesn’t need to prick the finger just to test

CVS plans to provide free health care to diabetes patients

cvs health foundation

A total of $ 20,000 was granted to CVS Health Foundation so that they can expand their services to uninsured patients.  These patients’ days are numbered and as such should be treated with care.  Those who have been afflicted with

Best exercise to lower Blood Sugar finally revealed


Type 2 diabetes is one of the worst disease that you could have as it affects the pancreas.  Once that the pancreas has weaken, it won’t be able to produce enough insulin for the body.  Too much sugar in the

Your diet is the culprit to your type 2 diabetes

junk foods 2

If you think that living in the US would give you the best advantage over everything then that is wrong since it would not help you with your health.  Your health lies with your diet and you need to eat