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Exercise lower the risk of premature death with type 1 diabetes

woman exercising

Those who are active are less likely to die from premature death because type 1 diabetes.  Usually, the more you exercise the better it would be for you, study suggest. Researchers based the data on the frequency, intensity and duration

In the Future, type 1 diabetics won’t need needles to get their daily dose of insulin

insulin cell implants

Diabetes is a lifelong disease and it is making people’s life harder.  Fortunately, there is a way to lower the blood sugar. One of the best way to lower the blood sugar is through injecting insulin into the body.  But

Type 3 Diabetes linked to Alzheimer’s disease

type 3 diabetes

In the past years, it has been proven that being overweight would increase the chance of having Alzheimer’s disease among type Diabetes patients.  Now, a new type of diabetes emerges in the scene – type 3 diabetes. This one is

2 cans of sugary drink is enough to increase risk of diabetes and heart disease

sugary drink

It might be the best time to go out and treat yourself to healthy drink like milk and fruit juices since the carbonated drink won’t do you any good.  Those drinks are full of sugar and would not contribute to

Skin Patch might be the future of treating Diabetes

diabetic patch

Innovation in the world of diabetes, scientist have invented synthetic pancreatic that automatically releases insulin once it detected high blood sugar in the body. According to Senior author Zhen Gu, a professor in biomedical engineering at both universities, and team