Early Education in Dealing with Diabetes is Important

In America, the greatest threat to health is diabetes.  The number of children and teens diagnosed with type 2, so-called “adult” diabetes, increased 5 percent every year between 2002 and 2012, according to a national study from Wake Forest University.

The disease dooms millions of Americans to early deaths. And treating it costs more than $100 billion a year. Consequently, it’s the nation’s costliest chronic condition. Perhaps the saddest thing about all these stats is that diabetes is preventable. But America’s efforts to stop young people from contracting the disease have failed.

early education

Early education is important for us to deal with diabetes.

This is the reason why there is a need for a new approach. The old method is outdated and would not work anymore.  We need to act upon it on a case to case basis since everyone has a different lifestyle and therefore different from one another.

Type 2 diabetes generally results from obesity, which prevents the body from naturally regulating blood sugar levels.

The percentage of children who are obese has more than tripled over the past half-century, so the prevalence of diabetes has surged as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates one in three Americans will have diabetes by 2050.

Such condition can lead to a devastating disease.  Most of the patients die early from various diseases.  Diabetes weakens the immune system which makes it possible for other diseases to get contracted.

Diabetic youth are especially at risk. More than 70 percent of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as children or teens suffer from at least one diabetes-related complication.

It’s currently impossible to reverse the disease. And for a variety of reasons, diabetics have trouble adhering to their treatment plans and managing the condition. Just 10 percent of patients follow their doctor-recommended exercise, diet and medication regimens.

Usually, you would just find out that you have contracted other diseases when it is already late.  It is important that we know the common symptoms of diabetes complications so we can do something about it.

Common Symptoms of  Type 2 Diabetes Complications

  1. Vision Problem – diabetes related to eye disease don’t have seems to have any symptoms at all. Diabetes retinopathy has something to do with visual disturbances. If this happened, contract an expert like a doctor or ophthalmologist.
  2. Stroke – This is very dangerous as it could mean that you would be paralyze forever. Before getting a stroke, you might experience premonitory symptoms such as tingling or numbness on one side of the body, one arm or one foot may become numb or paralyzed for few seconds or minutes and they recover after some time. It is a sign that the patient is having a transient ischemic attack and is at a high-risk of stroke in near future.
  3. Angina As high blood glucose levels can also put your heart under pressure, it can lead to chest pain or angina. So if you are experiencing pain in the left arm or are experiencing frequent chest pain, do consult your doctor without fail.
  4. Kidney related problems or Diabetic nephropathy is a common condition – According to the study conducted by Dr Pradeep Gade, it showed that almost 9.7-10% patients with diabetes have late kidney disease and around 8 – 9 % of other patients have early kidney disease. Around 20% have some form of the kidney disease. The symptoms of kidney damage due to diabetes include swelling of the face or feet sudden breathlessness, paleness and anemia.
  5. Sudden weight gain – This is very common among diabetic patients. If you experience this, you need to let your doctor know about it.

Prevention is still the best way to manage the disease. If it is already present then you need to educate yourself about it as that is the only effective way that you can help yourself to manage to disease.

Source: Detroit News, The Health Site