Know the risk factors of Diabetic Coma

diabetic coma 2

Diabetic coma is dangerous and could lead to death.  That is the reason, why you should be aware of it and take note of the risk factor involve. You need to know them before it is too late.  An increased blood sugar level, or hyperglycemia, or a decreased blood sugar level, or hypoglycemia, are the main causes of diabetic coma. If left untreated diabetic coma may lead to permanent brain damage and even death.

Diabetic coma might result from many factors and you need to know them now before it is too late.  First of all, it is common among type 1 diabetics since it can result from

  • severely decreased blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia, and
  • diabetic ketoacidosis, the condition characterized by the excessively increased ketone levels within the body resulting from the incomplete metabolism of fats.

However, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t’ have type 2 diabetes that you are out of danger.  Type 2 diabetic are also at risk and if your love one has it then they are in danger, especially those belonging to the middle-aged population.  It might be because of diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome, a condition characterized by the excessively increased blood sugar levels that are higher than 600 mg/dL or 33.3 mmol/L.

What are the risk factors involved in the development of Diabetic coma

  1. Insulin level problem. An increased in your blood insulin levels due to excessive insulin dosing may result in hypoglycemia. Furthermore, insufficient levels of insulin results in hyperglycemia. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are both causes of diabetic coma.
  2. Illness, surgery or trauma. All of these can increase your blood sugar level and thus dangerous for you.
  3. Poor blood sugar control. Poor management of type 2 can lead to increased blood sugar. If you are not taking some time to monitor your blood sugar and not taking your medication, you are in danger of having hyperglycemia that might result to diabetic coma.
  4. Skipping your insulin injections. If a doctor prescribe you something it means that it is important. It is for your own good and thus would help you have a good control over your diabetes disease.  An increase in blood sugar level can result to diabetic coma.
  5. Drinking alcohol. If you like drinking and you have diabetes then it could lead to diabetic coma.
  6. Prohibited drugs. They are prohibited for a reason and if you have diabetes this would double the danger involve. It would lead to hyperglycemia and might cause diabetic coma. For instance usage of marijuana is a big no no since it could drastically increase your blood sugar level.