Diabetic Coma and the The three types that you need to know

diabetic coma

Having diabetes is really troublesome since you are endanger of getting other diseases since your immune system is rather weaker than before.  The only way to take care of yourself is through proper maintenance of your disease.  You need to keep your blood sugar at controllable level, which is 90/120.  There are three types of diabetes, but on this article, we would talk about type 2 diabetes more and the dangerous effect to the body known as called diabetic coma. If you are suffering from diabetes then you need to be aware of this medical condition since you are endanger of diabetic coma.

3 types of diabetic coma and we would discuss that in this article.

  1. First one is through diabetic hypoglycemia – it means that your blood sugar has gone down too low. In this case, you might have taken insulin that is more than enough and you would need some sugar in your body. Remember that with diabetes, it is important that you keep your blood sugar at a controllable level and too low or too high are both dangerous for you. It doesn’t commonly happen, but when it does happen, you need to eat some candies to increase your blood sugar.
  2. The next one that would cause coma is through diabetic hypoglycemia – This happened when the body runs out of insulin. The human body uses the body at reserve to energy when it runs out of option. This is the reason behind the buildup of ketones in the blood stream. Aside from loss of consciousness, you might experience other medical condition like vomiting, dehydration, confusion, and shallow irregular breathing.  This is the most common type off diabetic coma.  The treatment involves giving more insulin to stop the generation of more ketones.
  3. The last type of diabetic coma is referred to as hyperosmolar nonketonic coma – This is a combination of s a combination of severe hyperglycemia and dehydration. Hyperglycemia happens when there is too much glucose in the bloodstream.  As if that is not bad enough, another problem that you might face is the loss of fluid.  In this case, the patients would fall into coma just a few hours.  This is the deadliest form of diabetic coma in the type 2 diabetes. There are no warning signal in this one, so better be wary of this. If this happen one of your love one, you need to give them lots of body fluid and continuous introduction of insulin is needed.