2 cans of sugary drink is enough to increase risk of diabetes and heart disease

sugary drink

It might be the best time to go out and treat yourself to healthy drink like milk and fruit juices since the carbonated drink won’t do you any good.  Those drinks are full of sugar and would not contribute to your well-being.

Recently some researchers found out that not only sugary drinks would give you a weight problem, but you risk of developing metabolic syndrome – a cluster of risk factors that raise the chances of developing heart problems and diabetes. New study suggest that just two serving of sugar-sweetened drinks is enough to increase the risk of you developing type 2 diabetes.

As if one is not enough to raise your blood pressure, two more and you would surely be dealing with diabetes for most of your life.

Professor Faadiel Essop, of Stellenbosch University in South Africa, senior author of the study, said: “Excess sugar consumption has surfaced as one of the most prominent global dietary changes during the past few decades and is considered a primary driver of cardiometabolic diseases.”

Together with his team, they have conducted 36 studies for the past decade of people who likes drinking more than five sweetened drinks weekly to assess the cardiometabolic effects of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption.

There has been numerous studies conducted before about those sugary drinks, and most of them are on the neutral sides. But, they all supported the idea of developing metabolic syndrome.

According to the studies conducted, just two serving of sugary drinks a week is enough to increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Professor Essop said: “Our analysis revealed that most epidemiological studies strongly show that frequent intake of these beverages contributes to the onset of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension.”

Six years ago, the United nation already warned us about the noncommunicable diseases posing a greater health risk than infectious diseases and that cardiometabolic conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes cause 19 million deaths a year globally.

In the UK alone, around 4 million people are suffering from diabetes, 90 present of them are suffering from type 2.  There is still hope for these people, but they need to have a change in their lifestyle.  However, there seems to have no hope for people with type 1 diabetes.

An estimated 549,000 people have Type 2 diabetes but are not aware of it. And experts have warned that Britain is sitting on a diabetes time-bomb.

Tonight Douglas Twenefour, of Diabetes UK, welcomed the study’s findings.

He said: “Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that has devastating complications, but in the majority of cases its development can be slowed or even prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and following a healthy diet.”

Gavin Partington, of the British Soft Drinks Association, said: “This so-called academic has chosen to cherry-pick studies with findings that fit their desired outcome.

“UK sugar intake from soft drinks is down by 17 per cent since 2013.”

 Source:  Deccan Chronicle