Exercise will Help People with Diabetes

diabetes and exercise

Some people don’t like to exercise at all since it is too hard to fit it to their schedule and they’re right about it. However, exercising has lots of benefits for out body and if we can only fit it in our schedule then we be able to get the benefits.  According to the article that is published on The Lancet and Diabetes & Endocrinology, those people with diabetes should exercise since it could help them control their blood sugar spikes.

With diabetes and exercise, the main thing that we need to make sure is that we don’t’ have too much insulin in our body since that would be bad for us. We might get into coma if we push our body to exercise at that state since the blood sugar would be lower.

Most of the people who goes to the gym want to lose weight and that is a great goal, but for those with diabetes, they would need to consider eating first. That would not only need the extra energy from the food, but the blood sugar aspect as well.  It establish the effect of the insulin prior to exercise. 

Those, who exercise gets their energy from eating carbohydrates and that is what we would need if we are going to exercise. A patient would need to get ingest 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrates for every 30 minutes of exercise. After exercising, the patient would experience their blood sugar going up as a natural reaction of the body to the things happening inside the body when we finished exercise, but you don’t need to be alarmed about that since it would come back to normal during the course of the day.

If you want your blood sugar to come down then all you would need to do is to rest and drinks lots of water.  The best approach to control diabetes is to do low insist work out after the high intensity activity.  You won’t need to inject too much correction insulin in their body to control their disease.

Delayed Hypoglycemia

This can happen 12 to 24 hours later, commonly at night if the patient exercises in the morning. Most people who exercise at night would need to reduce their insulin at night. They could do this by either reducing their long acting insulin or reducing the dosage of their nasal insulin pump.

How to manage Blood Sugar during Exercise

The best form of exercises to keep blood sugar controllable is by doing weight training.  If you want to include some cardio in your exercise regimen then you would need to do resistance training first before doing the cardio.  That way, you could control the spike of blood sugar during the cardio workout.

The secret to managing diabetes is to change how people do exercise.  The usual exercise where patient would do cardio first would not do for someone with diabetes. Patients would need to do the high intensity workout first before doing that low intensity ones.  Remember to eat first before doing any exercise and not the other way around because that would spike up your blood sugar level.

Source: Medscape