New Device helps people with Diabetes to lose weight


People from all over the world are fighting the battle of the bulges and are losing.  It turns out that it is too hard for a common guy to lose weight because of their lifestyle.  This has given way to diabetes 2 since anyone that it is not active are more prone to diabetes than those who are active. Diabetes mellitus type 2 or otherwise known as type 2 diabetes is a is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance and lack of insulin.  People with this disorder has a problem with frequent urination and unexplained weight loss.  At times, they would feel tired even if they’re not doing anything.


According to Healthline, people with this problem would have something to cheer about as their problem might have already a solution. They are not limited to just gastric bypass surgery since there is already an alternative to this and people from England are fighting diabetes with the help of the device. The device is known as Endobarrier, a 60 centimeter long tube-like liner or “sleeve” inserted into the intestines to stop the absorption of food.  Such device has been said to help those with type 2 diabetes to control their weight problem.


This device is said to help people with diabetes lose weight.

It can be planted through the mouth in less an hour. Dr. Robert Ryder, consultant diabetologist and chief investigator for the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists’ studies with the EndoBarrier.  According to his finding, the new method is safe and effective. The device could easily triggered a lifestyle change to the person with diabetes.  It works by kick starting the changes in the person’s lifestyle and that helps to control diabetes even better than before.  The downside is that it is only available in Britain, so you would need to go there to be able to avail of the device.  Further study is needed before it could be approve for use in a large scale, making it available in almost every country.


The treatment started back in October 2014.  It was given to those patients who have a serious problem with obesity and diabetes. 65 people were accepted to the study and 50 have successfully been implanted with the device successfully.

We translated our research program into an inaugural NHS service, which demonstrates EndoBarrier to be highly effective in patients with refractory [resistant to treatment] diabesity,” Ryder told Healthline. “There are high patient-satisfaction levels and an acceptable safety profile.



How it works?

A small part of the stomach will have a small pouch, about the size of an egg. It is connected to the middle portion of the small intestine, which bypass the rest of the stomach.  The way it works is that it lessens the amount of fat being absorbed by the body from the food that the person eats.   It prevents the body from digesting food in that part of the stomach, so the food would be digested further down the intestine.  This would help the patient to get full easily.  It is similar to gastric bypass, but it is less risky and the device could be remove after just one year.


Source: Healthline